Fake Reviews!!!!

fake reviews

This post will focus on one of my passions, that being motorcycling.

But the base points can be placed at the doorstep of anything that is “reviewed” on social media today.

I have only been motorcycling since October 2023, passed my test Feb 9th 2024, but I have amassed many items of kit and my ride of choice is the Honda CB500F 2022 model.

3 Helmets, one of which I have already sent back, a not so cheap Jacket and Trousers combo of which the trousers developed a stitching fault and have gone back, 3 pairs of AA ot AAA jeans, 4 pairs of boots all at least AA rated, A Spring / Summer / Autumn AA rater jacket, a heavy and warm wax jacket, various tank and tail bags and a top box.

Various bits of video and photographic & supporting electronics also make up what I use in my daily riding experience.

Most of this kit I have had for only a few months now and in no way feel ready to give a full and honest user review to share with you on my YouTube channel.

How someone can give a full and honest review on an item they have only had their hands on for a few weeks ?

You know the types, always biging up the product, maybe mentioning a minor issue here and there to sound balanced, although they are contractually obliged not to go to rough on the product.

All the ” Review” videos get released all on the same day and say much the same thing, not scripted as such, but not far off.

There is no way on earth you can give an honest in depth review on something you have had little time living with and I for one recognize these types of sales pitches and are now repulsed by them.

I and many others are favoring the long time user reviews.

People who have spent their own money, like me, on a product and wish to convey to the world how they feel in a balanced way about their experience.

This will be my approach in the coming months on my YouTube Channel.

From around May, I will be reviewing some of the items I have owned the longest, sharing the plus and minus points on each product.

Which, if you are in the market to purchase, I hope my honest user review will help you decide if it is right for you.

Money is hard to earn and tougher to keep hold of, so getting sucked into the marketing hype, of which I have burn my wallet on a couple of times, so recognizing this trend on social media and avoiding purchasing on the back of what they say should be a path you take going forward.

Support you favorite social media creators by all means but take with a pinch of salt the marketing shilled by some and in time we will all make better purchasing decisions.

I wish you well and safe riding

DC x

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