Who will fight?


If the WW3 hype is to be believed then all fit young men will be conscripted up to fight the made up war either in Russia or the Middle east, take your pick.

But who will fight?

After decades of brow beating, intensified over the last 10 years, the the indigenous white men of the United Kingdom are the lowest of the low and should bend their knees to those our government have encouraged to come and settle here, they will now call on those belittled white boys to go fight their fight.

But how many of the 10 million plus settlers that have been drafted in to our lands, without asking us at any point if we were ok with the mass immigration, will be in the queue to answer the call, or demand, once it is levied on the populous ?

I think, deep down, we all know the answer, as shown by each groups distain for the British way of life and by the forced changes imposed upon us at the cost of our cultural heritage.

Silence words like racist, bigot, anti-semitic, islamophobe and others are dragged around our necks to silence those who see it happening and want to stop the influx of ungrateful.

But have you seen a shift in the media emphasis ?

Now that they will need the young white men to fight their stupid fights, the woke agenda has been eased off, replaced by false patriotism slogans being ramped up temporarily, until they have a high enough body count in the forces to become a high body count on the battle fields.

So why would both the indigenous people for a government that gave up on them a long time ago and an imported mass that have no skin in the game as far as saving the UK goes ?

Well? Would you pick up a gun for this shower?

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