The Unification of Humanity

There will never be one human race living in peace together.

Even if over time, one race defeats all others, humans have an inherent jealousy and hatred of their fellow human for thousands of varied reasons.

You could say it is in our DNA.

What to do?

When you look at the grand design of “Earth” as a whole, that of the last 11,000 years or so, you see that humans in their various skin colours and features were segregated by land mass and ocean’s.

Maybe therein lies the answer.

We were designed to be kept apart and thus global segregation could be an answer.

Some races are actively pushing for segregation so achieving total segregation should not be a problem.

This would leave the races apart to deal with their own internal issues, sink or swim as it were.

For many, a better life, for some not so.

Another way to unify humanity could possibly be achieved by one of the gods they pray to making an appearance, through thunderous clouds where they are purported to live.

But as that will never happen then the bickering, fighting and killing of each other will continue amongst the supposed top level intelligent beings on earth.

Maybe its time to wake up one and all


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