The TRUMP issue

donald trump

I find it amusing that in America and across the globe, the fans of Mr Trump are getting excited about his return to the Whitehouse in November 2024.

They also think that the opposition will be running scared, reeling in their faux upset at loosing to him…. again.

And this is what they want you to believe.

The Democrats will hide away fro 4 years, causing havoc to any policy Mr Trump brings forward, a few might succeed, but in the whole nothing of any worth will change.

In 2026 the US Election circus machine will start up again but this time without Mr Trump and the powers that should not be will have their man or woman in the big chair to manipulate, fulfilling all their desires.

They will in effect take a 4 year sabbatical to publically restock, appraise and plan the next steps forward once this pesky man has left office for the second and final time.

A minor delay as it were in their plans, what’s four more years to them ?

We as a race of people will not see any change this already is and that is coming down the line because we will not vote or fight for the change that should be.

So keep paying you every increasing taxes, keep tolerating the once intolerable, keep your mouth shut and never speak against this system. Now these a good citizen.

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