Dave Carrera

Meet Dave

Hi and welcome to my web home. I hope you enjoy your visit & maybe be inspired to take images yourself.

Photography came late to my life as a solution to the Covid Lockdowns, to burn off this creative streak I have.

At the moment, and I hold the right to change my mind later, I favour capturing Non Human images, sticking to Nature, Street and Landscape images displaying the natural beauty around us.

Quick Update: I recently joined Click A Snap to share and offer for sale my images if you would like to own them

For now I focus on getting used to my gear, currently Canon M50 and Canon 800D with various lenses, of which I give my opion on real world useage HERE.

In a few months I also plan to start a YouTube chanel to share my adventures and reviews, but work has to take priority at the moment.

I am also making travel blogs and blogs about certain pictures I have taken. Giving you the background details on where I went and why a picture stood out from the rest.

I will sign off for now.

Please do CONTACT me if you want any other information of just a chat about photography and thank you for popping by

All the very best