Canon RF 800mm or 1280mm?

Canon RF 800mm f11 lens

My new Canon RF 800mm f/11 arrived a couple of days ago and I have been eager to try out one feature in the Canon R camera many have not talked about.

The key reason for buying this lens for my Canon R is to get more detailed and closer shots of the moon than my Sigma 600mm (now sold) could.

Unfortunatley the moon where I live has been hidden by clouds for the last few days, so I decided to use a street lamp at night for the example shot to explain the feature I am going to talk about now.

The Canon R has a built in 1.6 crop.

So what I hear you say.

With this switched on this technically increases the focal length by 1.6, making the RF 800mm act like a lens designed for crop sensor cameras like my Canon M6 II.

In essence 800mm becomes 1280mm, the f11 becomes f18 (ish), the file size drops from 22mb to 9.5mb and the sensor from 30 to about 18 Megapixels.

In the sample shown this street light is about 20ft away. The left hand image is a standard shot ISO 2000, f11,1/1000 the right hand is with the 1.6 crop on using the same settings.

I hope you can see that this feature could be useful when the next full moon comes around by giving an even closer image of the moon, no loss in detail & I will post a full video on my youtube channel showing this feature off in full.

I also want to comment that both these pictures were taken handheld with no tripod, straight away the fantastic IS built into the comparably light in weight lens has already proved its worth.

I am looking forward to sharing with you my adventures with the Canon RF 800mm f11 and please subscibe to my YouTube channel and follow my Instagram to see how I get on.

I wish you well

DC x