Sigma 105mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro

Why did I buy this lens ?
Well it was not for the obvious “Shoot as close as you can” reason but rather to get a true 1:1 representaction of the negatives I am creating via my 2 film Yashica cameras.

The Sigma 105mm Macro

Is a true 1:1 macro lens meaning that the size of the image in real life is the same size as it’s reproduced on the sensor.

Many zoom lenses say they have “Macro” capabilities but 1:1 is where true life size images start to happen.

Pictures of Pictures

As I mentioned above, I bought this lens primarily to take pictures of the film negatives I am developing at home lately and digitise them for my website, customers and instagram (@davecarrera3)

I will be making a video on how I go about this so please do keep an eye on my Youtube and BitChute channels for its release.

So what’s it like to use in the real world?

First the HSM, auto focus motor, is very quiet and fast. The focus ring allows you to make fine adjustments even with Auto Focus switched on which is nice.

It weighs 725 grams which if you are walking around with it all day then you will notice this, but if like me, you are digitizing your film negatives or taking close up macro work, then you will be using a tripod so the weight will not be an issue.

Build quality is solid and the buttons are strong and definite.

This lens comes with 2, yes 2, hoods. 1 is a standard hood for full frame cameras and the other, which attaches to the 1st, is specially made for crop censor cameras like my 800D and many more.

While we are on crop sensor cameras, the lens jumps to 168mm focal length due to the crop sensor but still works smoothly and as expected.

If you take a look at my home page you will see my Instagram feed and images of the negatives I photographed with my 800D and this Sigma 105mm Macro lens.

They came out super sharp, even if the original was no so sharp :-), and then transferring to my PC to  reverse the negative was easy & I show this in my videos via Youtube and BitChute.

It is quiet an eye opener to walk around with a 105mm (168 crop) to take street and wildlife photos in non macro, but a skill I am getting used to and enjoying. I am starting to see why people rave so much about “Prime” lenses over zoom.

The Sigma 105mm Macro has a great and well deserve reputation for fine macro detail work and I will explore this and post the results on my instagram very soon.

my Youtube and BitChute channels

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