tamron 18-200mm F/3.5-6.3 Di III VC

The goto all in lens for Canon EF-M users ?

First as always my review is based on real world ownership and usage and is not a “Tech Spec” review. If you want the specs then here is the link to the companies website, opens a new page, for all the juicy details.

UPDATE: Youtube video featuring the Tamron 18-200mm EFM

Well is it an all in one lens for the EF-M Dave?

Sort of. The focal length is fantastic. 18mm to 200mm (28 to 320mm full frame equiv) means you can grab wonderful wide landscapes and with a twist of your wrist zoom into a detail in the same landscape with out changing lenses.

The 200mm reach gives good close up access to small insects and the auto fucus is at 50cm from the object, so not as close as some but very useful.

See some of my recent photos using the Canon M6 II with this lens on my Clickasnap page here https://www.clickasnap.com/index.php?/davecarrera

To get the same focal length and apature of 18-200 f/3.5-6.3 in Canons native EF-M lenses you would need the 15-45mm kit lens and the 55 to 200mm tele. Which yes would give you 3mm extra wide angle but means carrying another lens if weight in your bag is important.

I found this lens “AFTER” I bought the 55-200 Canon native lens and kicked myself lol. Nothing wrong with the Canon lens, far from it, but finding a compact lens that gives me 100% of the focal rage coverage I need made me feel a little silly I did not check the Tamron lens page before my purchase of the Canon lens. I normally do but not this time. My wallet is still saying ouch lol.

Sample Pictures of my Shed on a winters morning added 24/12/2020

Real world usage.

For a day to day, daytime with reasonable to good lighting conditions, or under studio lights, it is a wonderful lens.

Obviously f/3.5 will struggle under low light but that is true for any lens of this apature range.

The lock on the barrel to stop the lens extending is useful as this lens will extend fully while walking about. I put this down to its very smooth focal ring which does make for smooth & fast zooming in and out for photos and nice for video to.

Combined with the Canon M6 II it makes for a useful light weight setup for any kind of photography. I will be trying this setup out on my next Street Photography adventure in the City of London very soon and will review that session seperatley.

See my ClcikaSnap page for recent pictures taken with the Canon M6 II and this lens. More will be added for sure https://www.clickasnap.com/index.php?/davecarrera

It is not expensive either!

On a well known retail website you can pick this lens up new for about £225 brand new and on a famous auction website from around £125 to £150 ish (prices correct at time of posting).

On the retail site the Canon 55-200 is about £270 and means you will need to add the 15-45mm lens with you as well to get the same range the Tamron offers in one package.


If you like me want a convinient lens that offers comparable picture quality as the two Canon lenses, then this really is a lens you should consider. I will write more about this lens as I explore the Canon M6 II and Tamron 18-200mm pairing more over the coming months.

Thank you for your support

Dave Carrera

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