canon m6 ii in the real world

As with all my reviews this is not a technical run down but rather a “Real World” review of a product I bought and have used.

Why did I buy the M6 II

I am going to start my YouTube channel, finally, and will be dedicating my Canon M50 and 22mm lens for this task.

So this left me with no camera to take pictures with and maybe the odd bit of video for the aforementioned youtube vids and looked around for options.

Yes another M50 was at the top of my list as it is a fantastic camera and while searching I started to be drawn towards the Canon M6 II for a lot of reasons.

My primary reason is that I am enjoying the EF-M size and usage. Yes, I know the lenses are limited at the moment but 5 new native Canon EF-M lenses are on their way and with the Sigma EF-M Trio of 16,30 & 56 mm lenses for EF-M, along with the awesome 18-200 Tamron for EF-M, I have most bases covered.

The 3 other reasons that made me empty my wallet were the 32.5 megapixel APS-C sized sensor, 14fps shooting and 30fps RAW burst mode & the weight at just 408g for the body.

So how have those specs really worked out for me?

Well to my eyes the sharpness and overall clarity of the pictures the M6 II delivers in my hands seem better than what I got from the M50.

I am yet to test the 14fps on a fast moving subject but when I used it of taking pictures fo Bee’s and Flowers blowing in the wind I got some great shots to pick out the best.

The weight, compared to my DSLR, makes this a joy to walk around capturing the moments as they are offered. My new bag, treated myself, now has only the M6 II, The Tamron 18-200 and the Sigma 30mm f/1.4, both or which I will review later, in it and makes for a light weight practical image capturing setup.

Some pictures.

All of my images are now being put onlinve at my Click N Snap page here, but I will ink to each one here and explain how the Canon M6 II helpped me capture it.

No.1 The Distant Church

As you can see it was a sunny day and this answered a question I had about the M6 II not having a View Finder built in. Using the Camera like we do our smartphones actually for me, was no issue at all, even in bright sunshine. The image also shows how good the Tamron 18-200 lens on this body helped deliver this style of shot.

No.2 Church Sunburst

Had the chance to run through the apatures to find out the one that gave me a pleasing Sunburst effect on the M6 II fitted with the Tamron 18-200. Ended up settling on f/18.0 which gave this strong natural sunburst through the trees.

No.3 The White Butterfly

This was a chance to rattle of 14 fps, only needed a few in the end as she did not hang about lol, but shows just how crisp an image the M6 II & Tamron 18-200 can give you, even when the wind picked up a bit and butterflies being quiet skitty at midday.

No.4 Church up the Hill

This shot was the reason I went back to the site as when walking home from the station the other week, I spotted this veiw and wanted to try capturing it. The arrival of the M6 II, great weather and spare time, gave me this chance to get this viewpoint .

Was it all good ?

On the whole yes but there could be improvments. I did not find having not EVF a problem and within a few minutes I forgot there was one missing.

On v3 I hope they use the same flip out screen that is on the M50 as the up or down version did limit the low level portrait style shots. Meant I had to get down low to take the shot, which I know will help my wasitline during my weightloss campaign, but for ease of use the M50 flip out style screen would be nice.

I like the two dial front and back which make chaning the Apature and Shutter speed a breeze & intuative. The func button to access other functions while framing a shot is a great asset to once you get used to it.

The legendry Canon menu is easy to use as always.

Final thoughts for now

I say for now as I have not had the Canon M6 II for long and I am sure much more useful ideas and tips will come out from further useage which I will share here later.

I am confident I have found a good partner in the M6 II for my photography needs and plan a trip to the City of London to try out its ease of use in Street Photography soon.

So far I have enjoyed using the camera with the lens combinations I mention and see now reason why my enjoyment will not increase over the coming months and years.

Do I recommend the Canon M6 II?


EDIT 15/09/2020

A bit more on my real world usage of the M6 Mark 2.

If you visit my ClinkaSnap Page here you will see more images I have taken using the Canon M6 II & Tamron 18-200 combo during a visit to London as the sun set to test low light usability.

Some notes I made as I was using the M6 II which seem to pop up as good or bad issues in the internet and My thoughts about them.,

1st: Make sure you have the latest firmware as it was updated recently

Buffer: Grab a UHS-II card and see the difference in many ways inc post processing workflow speed to. Many more cam bodies will or are going down this path.

EVF: For my style of work not needed nor missed

Flip Screen: I will give my M50 fully articulated screen more points than the flip up / out ver on the M6 II. Canon did drop a ball here.

EF-M Lenses: I have tested all my M series lenses on this body and have had no issues with picture quality. The lens that stays on more than most is the Tamron 18-200 EF-M, a great work horse lens even when the sun is low or going down.

Twin Dials: The twin dials for Shutter speed and exposure are wonderful and sit just right for my hands

Size & Weight: As a combo with the large (ish) Tamron 18-200 lens I find it a joy.

Helpful Accessories: Here are two accessories I have bought, no money earned for this Amazon links, which help make the Canon M6 II my daily goto for out and about photography

1: Peak Design Cuff Camera Wrist Strap Ash (CF-AS-3) which is a comfortable wrist strap which is easily clipped off if needed. Make a stylish wrist band a s well LINK: Amazon Link

2: Peak Design Standard Plate which is solid and secure but dose not get in the way of the battery flap underneath link some larger tripod plates. On all of my camera bodies now. LINK: Amazon Link

Note: I am not affiliated with any brand mentioned here. All items I have purchased and use myself. Amazon links are for your convenience and I earn no affiliate income from them.

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