Canon EF-M 22mm f/2 STM

ef-m 22mm 2

Do you do YouTube videos and vlogs?

Then buy the Canon EF-M 22mm lens and thank me later.

Not enough of a review?

Oh ok, I will flesh out by statement above to convince you to add it to your setup and be happy.

It is very small and feels like it adds no weight to the Canon M50 I own and have written about here.

But because it is small does not mean it is weak or worthless, far from it.

ef-m 22mmThe f/2.0 aperture allows you to use this lens in low light conditions and in normal lighting gives you that smooth background nearly every YouTuber wants.

For photography it’s gives sharp and pleasing results for landscapes and stunning close up pictures to 15cm.

Something unscientific to ponder

The closest equivalent I could find on Canons website is the Canon EF 35mm f/2 IS USM and as of July 2020 it is priced at £530 compared to £220 for the 22mm EF-M.

Remember to times the focal length by 1.6 to get equivalent size so a 22mm is equivalent to the 35mm.

On the basics they are comparable with both giving that gorgeous f/2 aperture and in real world function the same.

For me the 22mm being lighter and costing less than half the price of the full frame 35mm, makes adding the 22mm for my M50 is the best lens choice I have made in a while.

But can’t I just set my kits lens to 22mm & get the same results?

I tried that and o a degree yes, sort of.

Using my 18-55mm kit lens set to around 22mm and comparing to the EF-M 22mm showed a marked visual difference in basic image quality and that background blur. Stunning in the EF-M 22mm and sort of ok in the kit lens.

In the real world, wide shots look great at around f8 to f11 giving fully sharp images.

But getting in close, say 2ft (60cm) in and down to 6” (15cm) is where this lens shows off that soft background in both image taking and video.

This is why it is the most popular lens for the EF-M Mirrorless Canon cameras, great value and quality images that is less than half the price of the 35mm I mentioned earlier.

Its in my pocket just in case that shot shows itself

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