Canon M50 mirror-less camera – my view

Canon M50 Review

July 2020

Here is my personal view on the Canon M50 Mirror-less camera.

As with all my reviews, it is from my usage point of view and not one of the multitudes of technical reviews, which I read and watch by the way, to give you a real person, real world experience.

First thing I noticed is it is smaller and lighter than my Canon 800D DSLR & on this point so are the comparable “M” lenses, which I have reviews coming later.

One of the key marketing points for the Canon M50 is its great for video and vlogging, so being light in weight, but defiantly not a light weight, is a good thing.

When you are holding your arm out for a period of time, this lighter weighted body and the brilliant 22mm lens, review here, gives a perfect tool for your vlogging up to 4K (with limits).

Quick note about video

On a note video usage can I just say that not having a genuine Canon fake battery power supply available is very annoying.

You will need a couple of batteries, charged and ready, while making your videos in your home or studio. Maybe Canon can sort this out asap.


If you already have a Canon digital camera the menu will be familiar to you as it was I.

Setting up to your taste is quick and easy with the “Q” button on the smooth touch screen great for quick easy adjustment of the basic settings.

It really does feel like you have a fast touch screen computer built-in and I find changing settings rapid when needed. I suppose I have got used to it but there are still full button settings adjustments to hand. Best of both worlds

Using the M50

Right out of the block I want to share a feature I absolutely love on the Canon M50

Touch and drag AF enable

Under the RED menu section, you will find this option and by default it is disabled, enable it.

This allows you to change the focus of your composition via the view finder and sliding your finger around the touch screen. Perfect for very quick composition changes, focus priority being just where you want it.

The “Q” button is no longer on the body like the 800D for example. It is now top right of the live view screen.

When in AV mode and composing via the view finder, you change the Aperture using the wheel and this is the same for TV mode to. ISO is changed using the M-fn button next to the wheel.

Changing other setting via the Live Screen is not a major problem as in reality you change these less often.

Obviously, you can use the Live View for all functions and this is very quick and easy.

Vlogging & YouTube


As I mentioned earlier, pairing this with the M series 22mm lens makes this an awesome Vlogging and YouTube video camera.

The 22mm has a largest aperture of f2.0 sucks in a lot of light and from about an arm’s length away, gives you that desired soft background and just the right video size for talking head style videos. A very stylish and widely used pairing.

Canon released a new driver to make your M50 act like a webcam and when coupled with OBS Studio gives you very high-quality video for streaming.

Back to taking pictures

Canon M50 Review

Once I got used to how best to setup and use all the functions with my way of taking pictures the M50 behaves really well and very fast.

All modern cameras take fantastic pictures if the human element uses them right, so like for like comparisons, I feel are pointless.

What I will say is that my 800D with the kit lens 18-55 feels more solid than the Canon M50 setup, it is heavier, but both take wonderful pictures when I get the right setting dialled in.

Where the M50 wins is its lightness and the small size of lenses when compared to the EF versions makes an easy to carry around camera that takes great pictures and video.

There are not as many M series lenses as there are EF but with an adapter you can make use of the hundreds of lenses in the EF and EF-S range. I did this but found that for me, using my EF lenses on my 800D and keeping my M50 used with my M lenses is a better-balanced setup.


If you want a light in weight brilliant mirror-less video camera and something you can take fantastic pictures then yes go grab one.

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