Twickenham in B&W

Found myself in Twickenham July 2021 and thought it would be cool to try out pushing some Ilford HP5+.

Loaded a roll HP5+ ISO 400 into my Canon V1 HS and set it in camera to 800 ISO, I know I went the wrong way with this try out but that is the fun of testing. Learning new things by experimenting.

I used 3 rolls of film, 2 set to 800 iso and 1 left at 400, by accident, and developed them using Cinestill d96 Monobath as 800 iso film, 9 mins.

The Results? Not as I expected, but after digitizing them I found there was a lot of room to bring them back to images worth sharing here. Not perfect, nothing is, but planning my next short journey out to try it again but set the film to 200 iso and develop for 400.

I will go back very soon if the 200 iso to 400 develop works as I hope as there are some wonderful places to capture which on this occasion my settings did not do it justice. I hope for less grain and this level of contrast in the negative rather than via Lightroom and Photoshop.

But it got my photo brain working and that is always a good thing.

Thanks for reading and see you again soon

I wish you well

DC x