Ilford XP2 Super- A WARNING!!!

Do not make this mistake..

like I did.

The sample shots I saw of this wonderful Black and White film meant I was eager to give it a go and process to see the results.

This is were I made a simple mistake but a valuable lesson for all.

This film MUST be developed using standard C41 COULOR DELVELOPING not BLACK AND WHITE.

In my previous post I mentioned I had rattled off 5 rolls of film, this being one of them, and processed them to see the results of my first day with my Canon EOS 1V HS camera.

Today (10/07/2021) I scanned the images from this roll and wondered why they looks purple, dark and not developed well.

To be fare to Ilford they do say to develop using the C41 process, but obviously I skipped over that part, like all us impatient big kids do, and have learned a lesson the hard way.

Also another great thing about XP2 SUPER that you can shoot at different speeds from ISO 50 to 800 on the same roll of film and process as standard C41. Which give you more options out in the field than standard b&w film.

I am off out now to shoot another roll on a gloomy London morning and will show you the result asap.


Thank me later 🙂

I wish you well

DC x