Canon EOS 1V HS 35mm Film camera

After a lot of trial and error in my film photography adventure, I have settled on the Canon EOS 1V HS camera for my 35mm film photography.

I have various film cameras like the Yashica 35mm GSN, Bronica EC Medium format, Yashica EM and others but needed a 35mm camera I could rely on to take film versions of digital images, product shots, landscapes and street photography where possible.

I picked this one up on eBay for around £500 (July 2021) and was pleasantly surprised. As when it arrived and I released her from the box, I found that she had never been used. You can see by the 2 pictures below that the roll count is 000, this is accessed by opening the flap on the side and pressing the M fnc button and the inside even had its “please remove” paper still in place.

The Canon 1V HS model uses 8 x AA batteries so I quick charge some Duracell ones I had to power her up for the first time.

Problem eak…. I have no EF lenses lol

I have the 100-400 II, which I use on my Canon R and R6 with an adapter for wild life photography, but for now that’s to big for what I have planned for the 1V HS, so searched around and settled, for now, on the Canon EF 50mm 1.4 USM lens.

While I wait for its delivery, today is July 7th 2021, I have sorted through my film stocks and have a selection of 35mm films to test once the lens arrives.

As you can see I have a varied mix of B&W & Colours films to test out and I look forward to sharing with you over the coming weeks the images I take and my progress in developing them at home myself.

Night time is Soho with the Cinestill 800T looks like a plan 😉

I will add to this post and post more as time goes by & I am really looking forward to learning and enjoying my time with the Canon EOS 1V HS 35 mm film camera.

Do you do film photography? If so let me know below and maybe share your tips and advice with us all so we can all grow together.

I wish you Well

DC x