Call me when EV’s have grown up.

There will come a time when I will move over to an EV Motorcycle, but not yet.

Today, as long as everything mechanical is ok and fuel is in the tank, I can jump on my motorbike and go where ever I please, when ever I please and spend minimal time filling it up to get there and back.

On filling up, I also have a large choice of places where I can compare prices if need be. I will come back to this later.

The current motorcycle offerings from the EV sector are woefully off as a like for like substitute, that it is comical they even attempt to offer it as so.

The range issue.

At best I am offered about 120 miles range before having to stop for 5 to 8 hours for a full 100% charge to continue my journey.

I am however sold the concept of charging to 80% for between 30 to 40mins.

Has anyone ever topped their fuel tank up to 80% on any vehicle ? then why has this 80% level become a thing ?

Fuel Cometition?

Many are eager for the EV revolution to happen, skirting over its limitations within it and put on us as users re freedom of travel, that they seem blind to the obvious.

The powers that be are pushing for a single energy source solution re Electric only.

It seems odd to me to have to point out the obvious, but if a very few people have full control over the single fuel source for everything, not just EV’s but cooking, lighting and so on, then the monopoly on who gets to use how much is dangerous.

Smart meter anyone ?

I had a civil conversation with a EV motorbike users recently which ended up him posting that the EV is great around town but he would have to use a normal motorbike for adventures further afield. And to him that was ok.

My retort was that it is not very “green” to have to but two machines, using more of earths resources, so you can buzz around London on your EV and feel better in yourself but then fuel up and jump on a real motorbike to do any else, like have fun.

He also made some remarks about and EV being better a filtering traffic, but I put he straight on that point…..

I will move over to EV motorcycling when the range is better, say 160 to 200 miles, the 100% charge time is around 10 minutes and the government slaps serious price constraints on the Electric supply companies to keeps energy prices down to useable levels.

DO remember the price cap on energy prices was recently lifted and we all felt that in our home energy bills so don’t hold your breath for that to change much going forward.

The EV market needs to grow up and mature before I for one can take it anywhere near approaching seriously.

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