Apple Inc are bed buddies with China

apple inc 1984 avert

Apple Inc have no shame in using forced slave labour in China to make their product of convenience whilst virtue signaling, along with Apple product users, there loathing for historic black slavery, only black mind you, but have also now shown their true allegiance with tyrants.

Turning off Apple Air which was being used to coordinate protests against even more tyrannical lockdowns in the oppressive nation of China, shows us that Apple Inc have no problem being in bed with the Chinese tyrants against freedom supporters and their protest against tyranny.

Comes to something when Apple started the show back when in their advertising they proclaimed they were the answer against 1984 style oppression to then to jump in bed with it in 2022.

We also have the BBC complain about one of their reporters who was arrested and beaten, who was reporting on the said lockdown protests and how dare the Chinese government do such a thing.

But only 2 years ago when we Brits took to the streets and were arrested and beaten for the very same thing, the BBC shook their media finger at us and proclaimed us rebels, anti-vaxers and any other derogative they could come up with.

The stinking hypocrisy with Global business and Global Media types is laid bare and I for one will never spend a penny on Apple Inc products and never consumer BBC media products again.


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