500,000+ net migration into the UK

MP Term Limits

According to the latest ONS figures, the highest ever “estimated” net migration in the UK for June 2021 to June 2022 is over 500,000.

This from a conservative government that has said every election that it will bring this back down to 10’s of thousand, ie pre Tony Blairs disastrous open borders policy.

But they have not done a thing.

Rather under a Tory government, will be worse under a Labour one guaranteed, immigration, both legal and more worryingly illegal, is out of control.

And there seems to be no political will or answer to this disaster unfolding and wrecking our once great country.

This persistent invasion has put all our services under immense pressure meaning native Britain’s can not see a GP, get quick service for hospital treatment, get their children into local schools, go on a local holiday because the majority of 3,4 and 5 star hotels are full of illegal immigrant’s invaded into Dover from “War torn France”.

The resolve is to have a total stop to all immigration, sending illegals straight back to France or where ever they came from and removes all illegals from our country.

“Students” to leave immediately upon finishing their course. No course then back home you go.

Any migrant waiting for their case to be heard breaks any law of our land then they to a shipped straight back with a permanent ban from future applications.

#EnoughIsEnough we are an island and sinking faster than we were being led to believe.

It is now time for a new fresh set of ideas and putting Britain first and I for one am putting my political capital behind the Reform Party, maybe you might do that to.

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