Time for real change…. But How?

time for real change, if your up for it

The right of politics is in a real mess.GLOBALLY.

Its message of true conservative values has been usurped by radical left ideology.

The message on the right has been censored, ridiculed and made bad by decades of the ever increasing flow of negativity and promotion of “do anything you want”, that the only way to swing humanity back into some kind of sanity is to copy their game play.

The first step in the 10 to 20 year plan, yes 10 to 20 years is the minimum it is going to take to bring about change, is to solidify on what the true “conservative” message is.

Self reliance both nationally and individually
Low taxation both personal and business to encourage growth and self betterment.
A biological man is a man and a woman is a woman. No if, buts or in-betweens.
Minimal and small government’s
Minimal interference with business and only where public safety is forefront.
Critical thinking education not only based on academic teaching but on skills learning also, bringing a mix of both into the work market.
Freedom of speech and thought in its truest sense.
Safety nets for those who genuinely fall through the net and harsh penalties for those who fake it.
Strong law and order implementation of “real” crimes and not the fake ones of the mind.
Protection of the nations borders from illegal entry.

The list above is in no specific order of priority, all is important to promote.

If we agree in principle on this being the message to promote then how do we get the message out to the “eyes open but brain closed” masses who are smothered with the leftist dribble day and night?

We have to start taking over the media and or crating our own.

Pooling of resources, coming together as they have done, is the only way forward.

We need a “Soros” like figure on the right to promote and use our collective funds to fund the take over of billboards companies, local radio and tv networks, national press and social media companies to inject our message day in and day out, 24/7, to start to balance the ship and make the “brain closed” types become open .

They are winning because they have collectivised.

It is impressive how at the sniff of “anti narrative” on the right they swarm in to wreck lives, business and close down the speech they hate (they term hate speech) & we just sit on the sideline moaning about it, “how can they do this….”

They do it because the work together, something we on the right do not AND THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE.

I care not your religion or skin colour, if your heart is within the list above then I call you brother or sister.

With coming together, collectivizing, we are starting the long, painful and tough road back to sanity.

We have to help get people into positions of power locally and nationally.

Anywhere we can effectively promote our message to counter their one one any level, great or small.

Sow the seeds and thee shall reap the rewards, even in bad soil.

We have to start cultivating the political landscape and help our message plants grow.

If the time is not now, then when ?
If not you then who?

So stop fighting amongst ourselves, stop wasting energy trying to play their one sided game, start coming together, collectivizing, pooling resources, helping each other.

Start making a real change by us changing the rules we play by and slowly but effectively changing the world we live-in for the better of all.

DC x

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