Cancelling the Cancellers…

Today, 23/09/2022 I closed my PayPal account and I will tell you why.

I am a member of the Free Speech Union and for reasons best only known to PayPal, they close 3 accounts associated with he Free Speech Union.

This kind of corporate censorship of dissenting voices is becoming out of order and it is up to us , the little people as they see us, to stand standing up to them.

None of us have the financial clout to pay for large price tag lawyers to confront these behemoths of corporatism, but we can on mass show our distrust and dislike for their political and ideologically driven policies and actions.

Close your account.

It is as simple as that, just close your account.

For me it meant changing the payment method for a few monthly items I paid for via PayPal to my Bank. Which is where the money came from anyway, so really I was just being lazy in the convenience.

Also I was lazily using PayPal for eBay purchases which was more out of habit, but since eBay parted ways with PayPal some time ago, this has been a kick up the rear end to mend my ways.

Monetary Warfare.

This kind of action by PayPal and in some cases banks, is Monetary Warfare, where if they think you are not towing a line they deem necessary, they cut off your means of access to money.

Massive headaches if your a business but life threatening to individuals.

With the threat of “Centralized Digital Money” looming, that they can program to be only spent on goods and service they say are ok, you can easily see why Money and Finance needs to be separated from Politics completely for all our financial safety.

We all need to start banding together to Cancel the Cancellers and it needs to start today.

DC x

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