The argument for state ownership of key assets

state owned medicines

Yes that’s right, me a conservative capitalist is in favour of selected state ownership and running of certain national assets and the creation of at least one new one.

First I want to place an argument here for our nation being in control in the manufacture of generic medications but state run pharmaceutical manufacturing plants.

These publically available drugs, out of copyright, are currently made by and overcharged by, private business the the increasing cost to our NHS due to overcharging. Pfizer in the UK have just been fines £70 million pounds for this very thing.

These cheap and simple to make medicines, many of which are required on a daily basis by our people, could easily be made here in the UK creating jobs and massively reduced cost medicines to go into our NHS all on a non profit basis.

Any over stocks could then be sold to countries in need at cost to help their peoples also.

Second the re nationalization of key needs for life ie Water, Electric, Gas and Fossil fuels.

Water, Electric and Gas are key elements to living a safe and healthy live in the UK and Europe and thus need to be state owned and run to control the price into our homes and businesses. A good example of this is how France, yes France, are locking down price increases in their state owned facilities so their people are shielded from this current artificial uplift in energy costs.

Yes I said the dreaded words Fossil Fuels of which anyone this side of reality will understand that until so called “green” energy needs decades more times and investment to mature and develop into a thing we can rely on so Fossil fuels used in the extremely clean way we in Europe use it, burned efficiently unlike the old days, will make our energy needs secure and thus us secure in our businesses and homes.

If managed well, a thing that in the past has dogged state owned businesses, maybe employing at free market rates business players, we in the UK could at least in our key life needs for living have certainty in price and supply, something I am sure all of use would encourage and get behind.

I wish you well

DC x

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