What version of now are we in?

James Webb

With the James Webb telescope showing us the oldest galaxy we have seen as of 1st Aug 2022, there might be more to come, this got me thinking out the light we are seeing in this images and time.

My thoughts here are based on what I was taught about looking out deep into space and that it is likely that the light from the stars we see today is no longer there, even more so deeper into space back we look.

If you take the “big bang” as a thing, either started by a God or collision of atoms or dust in the darkness of nothing that was before it, & taking onboard that the stars that emitted the light we see in our cameras today are now long dead and adding to the soup of atoms and dust, a though that another “big bang” may have already happened in what was the darkness soup and a new version of a universe is already coming together.

Think of it like a ring donut. The ring of loveliness is all of the universe we see today, lets call it version 1, then a hole in the middle, the darkness soup. Right in the middle of the middle a bang has or will happen starting version 2 of the universe.

Ver 2 is expanding into the black void of the ring donuts hole and pushing the outer part outwards.

It is also consuming the dust and debris of the dead starts we see as the “oldest” via our cameras that have already died.

Your not the only one with a headache getting your head around this 😉

Other than taking monthly shots of our Moon from my London garden I have limited knowledge of the universe, which probably shows lol, other than information I have read and thoughts others have shared that I have digested.

I asked at the beginning “what version of now are we in?” and if you extrapolate my “ring donut” concerted it is very possible that that cycle might of happened many times or this could be the first time.

Wouldn’t it be funny of the James Webb, or its successor sent say 10 million miles out, would suddenly go past the new oldest galaxy and photograph the darkness soup I mentioned.

Then after scratching their heads for many months or years, thinking there might be something wrong with the telescope, new bright lights appear as version 2 or whatever one it is, is seen.

I claim to know little and know even less, so this might be hogwash, but nonetheless, as with most ideas it is possible that we currently exist in one version of now and maybe or maybe not, if the grand experiment of a “god” or the chaos of a natural happening, pans out the way our time has, a new human type race will evolve on a new “Earth” and eventually someone like me will look up at the sky one day and ask “what version of now are we in?”.

I wish you well

DC x

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