“We DEMAND the end to fossil fuels!!!”

Crop field by Dave Carrera (c)2022

Ok, for the sake of this post I GRANT YOU YOUR WISH.

Today, globally, fossil fuels are no longer drilled or mind and used in any way at all, as per your underlying wish.

Are you happy? Well, we shall see…

Electricity creation: Approximately 65% of the worlds Electric is made using one or multiple fossil fuels.
But today 65% of everything that using Electricity has stopped working due to your wish. That’s is most food processing plants, Hospitals, Schools, Home usage for heating an cooking amongst everything we use that consumes electric, EV cars uncharged & the list goes on and on.

Farming: I am sure you are clever enough to know that most of the food you ate today was grown, harvested and shipped to the food processing plants using machinery and vehicle’s that use mainly Diesel & Petrol fuels. But today they came to a grinding halt and crops have spoilt so good luck grabbing your Bagel with Caffè latte tomorrow as you walk to work.

Transport: “Walk to work” I hear you exclaim. Well most Underground system use Electricity to run which is now in short supply. You EV cant change and calling an Uber is pointless because the fossil fuel cars are not running and the EV owners are in the same boat as you. Uncharged. Batteries flat.

Communications: A massive slice of modern day living at home and work is driven by the use of IT infrastructure. But today that no longer works as again the Electricity shortage means that most of the businesses who are mainly on the Internet, can no longer function. So enjoy the walk home from your job who could not let you know there was no longer a job for you because the phone system, land and mobile, were off as well.

Entertainment: No fear you will just walk home and maybe drown your sorrows in Netflix binge or Gamefest……… think again……

Are you seeing it yet? Can you see where you “Eco Warrior” mentality will lead all of us if your wishes are granted ?

Are you seeing why with all your protests that your dreams will not be granted in this lifetime ?

I hope so, but there is a solution that will eventually benefit everyone and yes it is a world without fossil fuels.

You see I am in agreement with you that fossil fuels need to be ended but not at the pace you are asking for.

Why? Because making a seismic shift in fossil fuel use to no fossil fuel use in such a short space of time, 2030 is often used , 8 years…… is impossible & screeching “The end of the world is nigh” does not wash with me.

I am also prepared to put aside for now the obviously Elephant in the room in that everything we need to work will be powered by one source of power, Electricity, and owned by very few people. Creating a monopoly that none of us, you and me, can escape from. That’s a subject for later but something to ponder on. Also I will put aside the very clear security threats to the generation plants from terrorism as these will be weak points in any countries defense.

A positive way forward.

First: make sure that each country has more than enough Electricity generation from non fossil fuels to fulfil all of its current needs if fossil fuels stopped today and say 10% in the back pocket to allow for expansion and disruptions.

Second: encourage everyone without duress or penalty, to move their machinery and vehicles over to EV as spare capacity in the system comes online.

Third: Do all in our powers to reduce the cost of Electricity, which with current massive price hikes is making moving over not as attractive as it once was.

Forth: As Clean energy stations start producing enough power to match that of a Fossil fuel station, reliably, we then decommission the older stations.

Effectively saying “We must change within 8 or 28 years (2030 or 2050)” is an unrealistic target & deep down I believe even the most fanatical eco warrior knows this. But we n=both agree change is needed just disagree on the time frame.

If we all get together and say between now and 2100 we achieve the transformation but at a pace that has little or no ill effect on the majority of people, you will find people are open to this and can see that a non fossil fuel future is achievable and wanted.

Screaming in peoples faces and forcing them to change against their will leads to the stand offs we have today. So stop repeating your failures and lets get together and calmly move forward together.

The monopoly question will need to be addresses because whole continents could be help to ransom over prices if globally we do not have strong International laws to protect us from corporate greed.

I wish you well

DC x

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