Rishi Sunak gives £10 billion to Energy CO’s

Under the guise of helping out the UK citizen’s hammered by rising energy costs of this and other govs making.

Rishi announce a package worth £15 billion made up of a £5 billion tax grab from the energy co’s and £10 billion UK tax payer funds.

To give each UK house hold £400 towards rising energy costs expected to add yet another £800 to each household bill in Oct 2022.

That £400 will eventually get into the hands of the Energy companies, so the £5 billion tax grab they are moaning about will end up being a £10 billion windfall into their books.

Not a bad investment no ?

This all stinks of yet more take from the poor and hand it over to the rich and everyday in all western govs we see this being played out.


If not now, when? If not you, who? Cui Bono?

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