Guns pointing at you!

It is of no surprise that within “political minutes” of another mass shooting in America that the politicians on both sides of the house are trying to usher in more and more gun control.

We in the UK gave up gun ownership and have tough laws against owning guns.

To own a gun you have to go through so many procedures that only the very determined get a license to own a gun.

We also have very low amounts of gun related crimes, inc death by shooting, in the UK, 9 shot to death as of end of March 2021 (latest figures).

So where am I going with this you ask ?

The United Kingdoms death by gun crimes number is barely measurable, so why do the self title “elite’s” have armed police protect 24/ 7 ?

Look around you while going about your business in the UK.

You will see a growing number of places and people being “protected” by armed police. Why?

You and I do not own guns and I will confidently stick my neck out as say the hundreds of thousands who peacefully march on London and other cities to show their disgust and frustration are also non gun owners.

So why the show of open force?

It is because they are scared. Scared of us finally coming together and clearing out the cesspits of power they have created.

They are scared we will finally wake up to their lies and misdealing’s and march on them one final time.

That is why their protectors have guns and you do not.

It was announced today 27th May 2022 that Special Constable’s, part time unwarranted police, will now be allowed to use Tasers on the general public.

That now means that members of the public pretending to be police officers will be able to Taser another member of the public who has no right to defend themselves.

Sound fare?

Our trusting and general apathy has led us to this bureaucratic take over of the west and until we admit our faults in tolerating this kind of behavior, it will only get worse, step by step until one day you will wake up and wonder what the hell happened.

Power is in our hands. Lets make sure we share it wisely.

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