WHO to take over the world

No I don’t mean Roger and Pete of the fantastic rock band The Who, but rather the Gates and WEF backed World Health Org in their plan to dictate the response to future pandemics GLOBALLY.

By the end of May 2022 the W.H.O will have been given by our Govs across the world supreme power and authority over them and us for all future pandemic actions and reactions and we have to jump to their whims.

I’m sorry but when did you or I vote for the W.H.O, W.E.F, UN or Bill Gates to be in global power ?

I wrote to my MP here in the UK, no reply as yet and doubt I will get one, stating that we vote or accept that the majority of our local voters wanted him or her as our MP & that actions and or reactions to any threat be it military or medical to our country are what we pay them to manage and not shirk responsibility handing over sovereign powers to an unelected third party.

If the 650+ MP’s in the HoC and jointly the mainly titled peoples in the HoL can not manage these issues, then they should all reimburse their last pay packet and resign.

We in the UK voted out of the EU club for the very same reasons in that we will manage on our own of which the recent 2 and half years shows that with a few acceptation’s, we did pretty well thank you very much.

Enough Is Enough

I and a growing army, word chosen correctly, are fed up to the back teeth with the complete current crop of ineffectual, incompetent and lazy MP’s and Lords sitting at our expense in both our parliamentary houses.

“The straw that broke the camels back” comes to mind and the thin ice they gaily jump on is about to crack.

Time is now to stop this bureaucratic take over of our world before it is to late.

If not now, when?
If not you, who ?

I wish you but not them well

DC x

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