Change: A Fact of Life.

I am sure you know this all ready that change happens throughout your life and has done since the first second of creation.

But all of the main changes up until now have been natural. Either via slow but steady evolution or as a reaction to natural disasters like volcano eruptions or meteor hits.

All of this kind of change will continue for every life form on Earth bar one. Humans.

The human race is on the cusp of taking a leap forward in it evolution but this time not dictated by nature or a disaster but by its own hand.

Wearable tech will soon be embedded under the skin and sold like everything else as a convenience. It will have a large take up I have no doubt, but should it?

It might be sold as a great way to send thoughts as messages rather than doing it on your phone which is such a drag.

It might be sold as no longer needing any keys to start your car or enter your allotted living space.

It might be a programmable dietary list that stops you being able to buy certain things from the food distribution depot to keep you on track for a slim body.

It might be all these things and more, maybe alert doctors if your body is failing in some way, but in all these cases what is given with one hand can be programed to be taken away with another.

One day you might send the wrong thought that the Dept of Misinformation USA branch deems illegal and your are locked out of your car, house & job.

You might no longer be able to buy anything with a swipe of your hand.

But do not fear, as after a few days of hunger and thirst you will send a cancel bad thought command and apology to the Bureau, who if you have chastised yourself enough and promise never to think that way again, will take the lock of your chips and implants restoring the freedoms they have given you.

So be very careful what you wish for as normally you end up with what you never wished for.

Change is a fact of life, so let life dictate the change and speed of it not us humans.

I wish you well

DC x

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