Elon Musk: Wolf in Sheep’s clothing ?

So Elon has bought out Twitter, but is this really as good a thing?

Remember Elon has mused that humans should be micro chipped, Twitter users verified as humans & a big player in the “Green” camp.

The Morgan Stanley’s financial backing for Elon’s buy out of twitter is a normal business deal in that you should never use your own money in business to buy out companies, but get finance and secure it on assets which Elon has in bucket loads.

I mention that to clarify some conspiracy theories going on regarding they way it was financed, nothing abnormal there and I would do the same if my assets could back up what I was trying to finance.

If you understand the a Global Digital ID is the end game then you to should be cautious and very suspicious of Elons motives with the Twitter take over.

Elon has stated publically that he believes Twitter is the “Market Square of Idea’s” & that everyone should take part in back and forth, healthy discussions.

But if you couple this with the verification of real human’s, then you can see that a level of control is being established making for the same situation that Elon supposedly was fighting against.

A Twitter ID to Global ID is not to far a stretch to become a reality and we know deep down the powers that should not be hanker for this and are doing all they can to make it real.

The sixties program “The Prisoner” came to mind when I joined these dots and what did Number Six shout out against the system that imprisoned him ?

I am not a number, I am a free man.

If you let the self titled Elites combine all your life into nothing more than a Digital Number, then you are no longer a Free man.

You become a controlled digit that can be rewarded and punished on a whim.

I do hope Elon can make Twitter the true and free Town Square but we must not take our eye off the end game they have planned and fight for all our freedoms every day.

I wish you well

DC x

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