Why has Putin invaded Ukraine?

President Putin

Is it Biolabs? I would not go to war over these. I could very easily kick up a global media stink by outing such places, the links to active politicians and sons, creating distrust even in the most distrustful. China would help spread the word to deflect from Wuhan.

Is it big banker money?
Don’t be silly. Those boys will have their assets backed up all over the globe, even the moon or mars if it were possible. No benefit to Putin.

NATO build up across Russian borders?
An excuse yes. But really a threat to Moscow and Russia at large? I doubt it.

Had a go at cementing Crimea due to passive weakness in the USA?
Recognizing both Donetsk and Luhansk as independent states early on in the “war” does not really do much to help securing Crimea as Russia already has a land pathway for Crimea via Krasnoda. A land grab I doubt very much as all Putin needed to do was keep supporting the Russian in both areas and eventually they would go independent.

Ending the Evil NWO empire?
A nice dream by many but in reality a stupid and simplistic argument. The WEF driven NWO is global already. They freely admit to infiltrating most govs with their “Young Leaders” so loosing the Ukraine, another Young Leader led state, is minimal at most. As we have seen the Blackrock / Vanguard controlled Companies of the West, in unison, have obeyed their true masters and sent Russia / Putin to Coventry. Some argue at no real loss to the Russian people ie Mc Donald’s, Burger king, Mercedes.

No something much bigger is going on and all of the above, and any I have forgotten, are just typical smoke and mirrors to encourage you to show your two minutes of hate over breakfast.

We must watch and listen to what both sides say in this game of one up man ship, willy waggling, pissing contest, but whatever the outcome you and me, regardless the side of the fence or border we are on, will be paying dearly for it in the near future.

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