Do not remember Covid!!!


It is no longer of any consequence or interest to the powers that should not be if you are double, triple or quadruple jabbed just forget the overreach and tyranny they have been enforcing and now turn all of your attention in sending breakfast 2 minutes of hate sessions towards Russia.

They want you to forget you were denied the freedom to hold your dying mothers hand but encourage you now to hold the hand of an unlimited number of “refugees” while they stock the coals of World War 3 with their hands.

They are demanding you be 100% patriotic even though they engineered an international system of isolating you & me from society just because we dared question the safety of a drug now openly shown to be deadlier than the virus it pertained to “cure”.

You must also forget that Boris and his gang, all of parliament, both sides of both houses, did not care about the very data they used to scare the living daylights out of you. They just partied away with gay abandon caring not a jot for masks, social distancing or gathering indoors. You were fined £10,000 for doing so, but you must forget about hat now and hate Russia.

You must also forget the sudden rise in athletes having heart attacks, many dying, on their fields of glory, right in front of your eyes.

Days if not hours after taking the jab, but you must forget that now, asking no further questions because there’s a war on you know.

Like Covid you are also not permitted to discuss the other side of the Ukraine / Russia story, a long story of global intrigue and political dirty tricks, as you must only believe what you are feed via you state owned TV and Media, which we that are awake know it is ALL Media.

Instead of the virtuous mask you must now paint your house blue and yellow and add the Ukrainian flag to your Fartbook profile to show you still need to be accepted by the gang of virtue.

And even after all this time you still demand to be played with and thus they happily play with you, getting you to agree to killing, ostracizing people, pouring your expensive vodka away & hissing on demand at your TV.

You deserve all you are going to get because you do not think you deserve better.

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players;”

But hopefully like me you will be part of the growing number of people who no longer want to be part of this theatrics, demand a refund from the ticket office and start our own production company to build a better world for us all to exist in peace while we are alive and not just rest in peace when they kill us.

Please wake up.

I wish you well

DC x

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