Covid Smoke & Mirrors

Thankfully the whole SARS-cov-2 (Covid-19) narrative is crashing down around those that pushed it ears.

Fake Science Data

All of the UK MP’s did not believe the fear story they pushed on the public, Masks, 6 feet, 1,2,3 or more jabs, Vaccination papers for entry, because while you hid in fear they were partying the nights, plural, away with gay abandon.

Fake NHS Death Numbers

A new Freedom of Information request to the ONS, the official statistics office for the UK, has shown clearly that, although each one is sad, only 17,500 people died OF covid which is below the avg 20000 who die of the flu EACH YEAR.

This was confirmed by Sajid Javid MP Secretary of State for Health and Social Care who is now saying we must cope with covid just like the flu.

Also a question to ask re covid deaths is have the Funeral Homes of the UK, or any country, seen a big uplift in number s to bury or profits ?

Fake Jab Qty Numbers

A math’s question: if one factory worked 24 / 7 / 365 it would take 31 years to produce 1 billion shots of the Covid Vax at 1 per second. 9.75 billion have been administered meaning more have been made so far.

From the Pfizer website, I quote

As of January 2022, the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine is manufactured between 11 sites across five countries, including the U.S., Germany, Belgium, Ireland, and Croatia, and engages more than 20 suppliers.”

Let us be genourus and double the 11 site figure to 22 to allow for the Astra Zeneca version fo the jab.

So one factory working flat out on nothing other than Covid jabs would take 31 years to make 1 billion doese at 1 per second.

22 Factories 31 / 22 = 1.4 years, but according to our world in data’s website 9.87 billion doses have been administered. Meaning 31 x 9.87 = 305 years divided by the 22 site making it 24/7/365, means they have spent at least 13.8 years making this stuff somehow in 1 year.

Lest We Forget.

The media types that have been brow beating us for 2 years screaming down the TV’s and Radio channels “WEAR A BLOODY MASK” “GET YOUR JAB YO ANTI VAXER” and so on. Relentlessly.

Now they see the light we saw from the beginning, that this has been one hell of an labiate con job on humanity, they are trying the back peddle and are now asking the once awkward questions that all we wanted was the chance to ask and get answered.

We must never forget how we and true scientific and medial professionals were treated by them.

Time to gloat then move on to clear our houses.

Yes it is time to gloat, telling those who hated us “We told you so” but we must now clear our political, media, enforcement houses of those that fully backed this con job and move on, as a now enlightened society, allowing them to never be able to do this to us again.

Its been a tough road, still to reach its end, but I know we will eventually come out the other end in a much better place and I wish you well on our journey.

DC x

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