Boris at another party? Wrong Question…

Boris Johnson Partygate

Over the last few months we have heard and been shown that Boris, Cabinet members and his staff have attended many parties whilst telling us, with threats of criminal convictions, to keep away from our dying relative’s.

Whether they were at a party or not is the wrong question to be asking and here I will explain why.

It matters not that Boris and his 10’s or even 100’s of staff were jollying it up in Westminster parties breaking all the rules demanded and enforced on us, the tax cattle.

What should really be asked is why they are not scared of the virus they have tried to make you & I so very afraid of.

Remember, people were being buzzed by police drones for walking dogs, alone in the middle of nowhere, whilst those with ALL THE VIRUS INFORMATION at their fingertips quaffed Champagne and nibbles with gay abandon.

So the real question all you so called “Journalists” should be asking is…

“Why the top level public servants, in and out of direct public view, are not scared of a virus they demand that we should be. ?”

Until this question is asked and answered in full then “PARTYGATE” is just more smoke and mirrors, a distraction, to keep us looking one way while they continue to abuse us.

So “Journalists” do your job a get in front of Boris and ask this question and do not let up until we all get a satisfactory answer, you know, like you used to before Blackrock funded wokeisum got implanted over your integrity.

Fellow tax cattle, you to can send emails to your MP to ask this same thing in Parliament.

At the same time you can ask why your MP voted for the draconian rules forced upon us, their wage payers, when they to had the same information Boris and his massive crew had, that did not warrant them following said rules.

Here is the link to the UK Gov Website to find and email your MP

As always I wish you well

DC x

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