Omicron is the End Game

Why have the powers that should not be exploded globally in to full on fear & scare mode with Omicron?

It is agreed by most scientists that Omicron is mild at worst and following the path of weakening that all viruses take during their evolution.

But the leaders of the world want you to believe the opposite, against science.


Well they have had a taste of power and have become instantly addicted to it.

Their friends in big pharma have become addicted to the massive earnings from vaccines.

The Media have be come addicted to the massive income from the propaganda advertising.

Omicron threatens to take all that away from them by making the vaccines mute and giving nearly all who catch it a full immune system against it, previous and new variants.

No more Power over us, No more money for the drug pushers and no more money for the media liars.


Look at what has been exposed with the onset of Covid-19.

Most counties in the West have gone full on hard left tyrants enabled by globalist owned media and drug pushers.

We have been shown the enemies of humanity and now Omicron is let into the system to wreck their show and turn even hard conformists on them. Exposing their lies, agendas and tyranny.

The more they push now the harder we are pushing back until they will implode in the cesspit of their own making.

Together my friends we stand and they fall…. fast and hard.

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