Why there is no point me getting vaccinated in Dec 2021.

I am going to ignore for now that the new Omicron variant is as mild as the annual cold and flu, which if most caught it would give natural immunity to even more peoples, and focus more on why there is no point me getting triple jabbed now in Dec 2021, even if I wanted to which I do not.

If I did get the 1st jab today 14th Dec 2021, I would have to wait 8 weeks min (2 months) before my next say around the 14th Jan and then would have to wait 3 months, as per the govs covid website, to get the 3rd jab “Booster” and then a further couple of weeks for it to be running at full strength.

So by my calculations it would take until until about the end of MAY 2022 before they say I would be full protected against Omicron, the mild cold / flu variant for little or no concern to those with an agenda.

Since I have already survived a hospitalized case back in March 2020 and have thankfully been fine since, I think I will pass, as by using the workings above, if I do catch Omicron, the mild flu / cold variant, I will get a few days of work and a boost to my already fighting fit immune system, at NO COST TO THE TAX PAYER.

So if you do feel a bit fluey or symptoms of the cold, like we all do most years, do not go to work and spread it about, but rather stay at home for a few days feeling sorry for yourself, neck the Lemsip and get back to work when you feel fighting fit again.

Time to get back to real normal not a “new normal”.

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