The Omicron Party

Well, well, well the power crazed hypocritical elites have got their nickers in a twist over Omicron.

Omicron has messed up the campaign of fear and coercion in that all global reports are saying that yes it is more transmittable than Delta, thus muting the effectiveness of the 3 jabs, but is also mild to very mild if you catch it.

If you do catch it then either your immune system, currently denied to exist by some in the medical fraternity, will easily cope and or your so called “boosted” immune system will knock it out of the park.

This is fantastic news and as former UK PM T May said in Parliament we can not hide from covid any longer, forcing businesses to close permanently for a virus that will always change. We have to cope with it like the flu.

This has messed up the elite’s power grab, so now like spoilt children they are throwing all their toys at us in the hope something sticks.

No.10 and current UK PM Carrie Johnson aided by her pet Assistant PM Boriski, have been caught red handed having parties, that are still going on today, whilst telling us to not meet family & friends over Christmas 2020. Complete and total hypocrites and liars denying it to the HoC.

The Communists in No.10 announced last night Plan B, dubbed by some as Boriskis Bollocks, as a reaction to the Omicron (Moronic) variant that has about 500 so called cases and NO Hospitalization or more important than that, NO deaths, because they wanted to get the Party stories, there are multiple parties to answer for, off the front pages so brought in Plan Bollocks to take of the heat.

But thankfully, and finally, the MSM have grown a backbone and are not letting any of this go without questions.

I predict that very soon the UK PM Carrie Johnson will leave No.10 dragging her “Plan Ball sack” of a husband Boriski behind her.

So now is the time to put the covid behind us. Live with it like flu & get back to living our short lives to the full. Those who imposed this power grab and vicious situation on us, globally, need to be brought to account and prosecuted.

Future Safeguards put in place that power like this must never be handed over again to those narcissist’s. We as voters must better scrutinize who we lend the keys to power to.

Its over finally.

Those who wrongly held power over us no longer do with any justifiable conviction, they are muted, and we the people must now pick up the pieces, as we always do.

I for one wish you a very Merry Christmas and have a wonderful 2022 onwards.

Thank you Omicron xxx.

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