MP Term Limits

MP Term Limits

It is time to call time on career politians.

I have been pondering for a while of the introduction of “Term Limits” into the UK political sphere.

The time of the career Politian’s who’s only experience of working is within the cloistered halls of power that is the Parliamentary complex is over as far as I am concerned.

The mucky stains of abuse of expenses. The question of how do Politian’s on £80k per year become millionaires. The air of do as we say not as we do has to become history and term limits will be part of what is needed to purify our ancient political system.

I am proposing a limit of 2 or 3 terms maximum and an elected second house, to double check and put brakes on the first house, instead of the Lords as it currently stands, also under the new term rule.

This shake up will encourage betters work’s for the public good, what I hear spouted from all new joiners of the current club in Westminster until the corruption kicks in & see little argument against it from we the publics side, plenty of arguments from those with vested interests on the side though. Expected.

If we want real change that benefits we the people, we the tax payers, we the victims of these fear junkies and tyrants, then we have to force that change.

I wish you well, peace and strength in the years to come.

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