Thank you Omicron


Yes that is right, I am thanking the new scary variant of SARS-cov-2 (Covid-19) OMICRON for coming into being.

Ok relax, stop frothing at the mouth & for your bank balance sake do not punch your computer screen or lob your mobile across the room.

Are we calm now? Good, then I shall explain.

Lets us agree for the purpose of this piece that a) Covid is real and b) the new OMICRON variant is real.

The powers that should not be are already saying that the OMICRON variant may make the 3 jabs that you have been nudged to take, for fear of loosing your job, freedom and travel access, impotent against it and I for one thank OMICRON for this revelation.

We who have been on the side of caution of taking the treatment who’s type is new to human kind and in many peoples opinion, rushed into being, have been saying that you will not stop this kind of flu virus with vaccines and that good old Mother Nature will always find a way to destroy all things made by man.

OMICRON has made both Vaccinated and Unvaccinated equal because it has muted the power and relevance of the previous treatments and so called scientists are rushing around trying to make a new jab, jab number 4, as I write. But they would be better off doing something else.

I thank OMICRON for this exposure of the falsehood of vaccination, in this issue, and I hope now many more people will wake and a see that this issue is not going to go away via the jabs of a needle.

So I propose that we do what we should of done all along

Let this virus take its natural course, treating those who can be treated in the normal fashion and mourning those who do not make it.

It has not passed many of us that OMICRON is an anagram of MORONIC and it can be easily argued that OMICRON has indeed made the powers that should not be, big pharma, Corporate Media (MSM), Gates, WHO, UN, WEF, celebrities & the obedient sheep look completely MORONIC in their tyrannical endeavors.

So can we all raise a glass to potentially the savior of man kind OMICRON.

Hip hip horray, Hip hip horray, Hip hip horray

Eat well, look after yourself and those who made need extra care this time of year & retract from complying with their game of fear that hands them the power they seek to stop us doing what we should be doing with our lives each and every day and that is LIVING until called.

As always, I wish you well.

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