Pay MP’s more…

hear me out for just a minute and I will explain.

If we agree that UK politics is riddled with corruption and or corrupt acts, then we need to find a away to keep corrupt influences away from the doors of democracy. Thus I propose we pay MP’s more…. A LOT MORE.

I would go so far as to recommend we pay each MP £500,000 per year, a Minister £750,000 and the PM £1,500,000 per year.

Ok, pick yourself up from the floor and I will enlighten.

To gain these pay packets, which are inline with senior rolls in many big companies, they would have to for go all expense claims, pay for their own staff, have no other income outside of Parliament so being a MP will be full time, ban all lobbyists and large fines for any infringement however small.

If you are financially sound, then the temptation to gain more money and risk loosing what would be a sizable income with comfortable but not extreme pension is diminished.

On our part, the voters, we would then be in our rights, as we are now by the way, to thoroughly scrutinize our MP in all areas including personal finances and more importantly if they are in severe debt, making them prone to corruption.

So if we want a system that is not prone to corruption, we have to make the jobs so valuable that if they stray into the path of temptation the penalty is great enough to make them think twice.


Then what would you do to fix this real problem?

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