Your Fired!!!

If after 11+ months I had not achieved the task I was employed to have done, or demonstrate that I have made such progress to getting it done very soon, then I would not be surprised to be fired from that position.

The Tories in the UK have been in power for over 11 years and yet every year we still have over 300,000 illegal and legal immigrants swelling our country, failed asylum seekers still being allowed to live here, blowing them and us up on a whim, our borders are effectively open, crime and all-time highs.

Let’s us not forget that Tony Blair and his Labour gov opened our borders in 1997 encouraging any waif and stray to enter un the guise of “Refugee” to rock up to our shores, be housed, feed and free money given.

Effectively we have been forced to accept, without being asked or consulted, more than 6 million non-British peoples over the last 25 years or so, many I accept have nothing but good in their hearts and are living peaceful and productive lives.

But we must admit that there is a large and growing body of people we have let in, welcomed in some cases, who hate everything we stand for and will kill as many of us as they can via bombings, stabbings or any other means they can get away with.

The hard truth is that our secret services, and not so secret, know who these people are. They are being watched.

If I was serious about sorting this real murderous problem out, I would remove all the known terrorists on our shores, no questions, no ifs or buts, sending one massive message to any who wish to do us harm that you will not be tolerated.

But alas we will suffer yet more killings at the hands of these vermin who hate us and our government, who by the way, it is their first duty to protect us from being attacked and harmed, will talk tough but act weak as they have done for decades.

If the peoples of this country start to take the law in their own hands through frustration and a sense of injustice, then the Government’s will only have themselves to blame for not doing the job they were employed to do in the first place.

My appraisal for all parties of Governance over the last 20 or 30 years?

1 out of 10. Graded useless.

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