Lest We Forget….

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Today many around the world will be remembering the end of the First World War, War to end all wars which it did not, but I want to offer a different take on all this.

My take is this.

Lest we forget that they, those in charge over millennia, have sent our young off to die to defend their honour or resolve their inbreed family squabbles.

ca. 1914-1918, France — A company of Canadian soldiers go “over the top” from a World War I trench. — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

While we remember the death of Great Uncle Bob or Great Great uncle Tommy, we are not focusing our anger at those who do not deserve the power we entrust them with.

Again and again the off spring of all peoples have been used as fodder to try and protect the interests of those “in charge”, repeating the manslaughter, for that is what it truly is, to ram home their advantage.

I Stand in Solidarity

Today in the UK I will use this day of remembrance to show support for the thousands of care staff who today, are having their lively hood and lives turned upside down, wrecked, because tyrants in halls of power they disgrace with their presence, have mandated they are no longer welcome in their work places because for whatever reason, they will not take the state injectable.

Even though they have worked tirelessly over the last nearly 2 years without the need of a state injectable & the vast majority of the people they care for have been injected so protected, or so we are constantly told.

We have to take a long hard look….

at ourselves and ask is this really how we want to live and how we want the people we pay to manage our country to behave.

This is not a political party over another party issue, as they sing to the same tune, we are in a ONE PARTY STATE, but rather, are we prepared to let them who have shown no regard to the lives of millions of our mostly young men, even recently, to govern us or is now the time to completely rethink who we allow to have these privilege’s.

I will remember them.

Yes I will remember those poor souls who’s lives were spent so freely for the gain of another and I will remember and support the Care Workers and soon Nurses and Doctors, who’s lives will be ruined by the same extremists in change today.

I will also remember those who have sent them to their deaths or have ruined their live, as we all should and never forget in the reckoning.

Stop clapping and Start Protecting our people.

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