They HATE Diversity ….. Of opinion!!!

diversity of opinion

Every politician, so called journalist, extreme left activist for any cause include so called diversity, HATE diversity of opinion.

Try it and see.

Try and have a conversation with any covid, climate change, BLM, diversity preacher with an opinion opposite to theirs & lets see how long it takes for your show to get cancelled, you are fired from your job after pressure to your employers by these extremists and or are censored by so called BIG Tech.

The HYPOCRISY is sickening.

They all walk around preaching “Be Kind” “Kinder Politics” but at the slightest variation from their mantras, they rip your face off and silence you instantly.

They do this because what they preach is not the TRUTH but rather weak lies being sold as truths with the backing of powerful moneyed peoples with an agenda of their own.

The Truth will out!!!

Thankfully more and more people are seeing through their lies and hypocrisy, coming to the same realizations as you and I have had for sometime now, that we are governed by peoples that have infiltrated our once solid democracy after the second world war and have silently and sneakily been implementing a road map of a Communist take over o the west.

They will fail but not after do a lot of damage along the way, which is the communist way after all, but once we all see it, awaken, our world can truly be made a better place for all.

I wish you well.

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