Truth. What is it?


For me a Truth is something that can withstand any questioning, not requiring censorship or cancellation of its detractors to survive as a truth.

I will also go as far as to say that anyone who tells me I can not question or argue against their Truth is covering up a lie.

I hold this to be true for any subject including but not exclusive to religions, politics, current medical issues (SARS-cov-2 (covid19)), gender, BLM & any race grift, education in fact any subject you care you mention.

Real truth comes after hard debate.

Real truth, that can sometimes be unpalatable, can only come after very hard and sometime heated debate without fear of censorship and or cancellation of one involved party.

We used to have a wonderful tradition of debating hot topics in our Universities and Social clubs that allowed freedom of expression and speech to happen so that the real truth of a subject could be found and agreed.

Sadly institutions like Universities now only allow promotion of dictated narratives, with a heavy left leaning political bent to thrive, silencing any constructive discussion under banners of various ridicule dehumanizing slogans.

Sound’s very depressing but….

There is a growing group of people, me included, that have seen this and are actively taking steps to rebalance this one way pendulum of truth.

To join this group is simple. Discuss your truth openly with your friends. Be willing to refine your truth if your friends can convince you, without a shadow of doubt, that their truth can withstand questioning.

Hopefully they will do the same for you, but if not, then unfortunately they are part of the toxic problem and need to be jettisoned to make room for fare minded people to be around you. Harsh but true.

Truth is not a one way street !!!

Over my 50+ years of earth, my truths which once were sacred have been changed via enlightened conversations, teeth snarling arguments, fisty cuffs & more recently the masks slipping of those who wish their truths unchallenged and their action to try and make that so.

Be prepared to be upset, cry even.

Sometimes we hold a truth so dear to our heart that when it is proven to be a misplaced truth, we feel real pain in its unravelling. This is ok and do not be discouraged.

Just brush yourself off and take onboard the new truth you have learned and move onwards and upwards.

All truth must be questioned constantly.

You must test your growing catalogue of truths regularly to make sure they can withstand tough questioning. This will instill even more confidence in your arguments with challengers.

A truth that can withstand any and all questioning is the foundation stone our new world should be built on. One of freedom, open minds & hearts, trust and a confidence in our unshakable hard one truth.

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