Why are the Double, soon triple, jabbed aggressive ?

Each day more and more of our double jabbed, soon triple jabbed, brethren are becoming extremely aggressive towards anyone who chooses not to be jabbed at this time, that something must be scaring them.

Is it the mountain of data coming out that the double jabbed are more likely to now catch and transmit covid and using the latest official figures, out number hospitalizations 2 to 1 ?

Have they started waking up to the fact, not conspiracy, that they have been lied to all along and that since Boris has recently said that the double jab needs a triple jab to make xmas safe for them, that they are starting to smell the BS millions of us have already smelt a long time agao?

Their aggression is just the outflow of anger towards who they think are to blame, or have been told who are to blame, but slowly realizing the true sinners are those on high pedestals ?

When I used to have my flu jab every year I never asked if you had had yours, worried if you had not that mine would not work, understood that there was effectively a 50/50 chance the jab would fail this season as it was basically guess work to choose the right combination & we all had a choice.

I was never aggressive towards those not flu jabbed, non of my business.

So I can only surmise that the extreme aggression shown by the Double / Triple jabbed is a mix of fear and anger towards those who have tricked them and they are waking up to the fact.

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