Latest Vaccine Surveillance Report Week 42

vaccine surveillance report week 42

Blows the current Big pharma, MSM and Government agenda right out of the water.

My source is the official data via the UK Gov asset publishing service, so no made up pie in the sky conspiracy accusations please. It is has become very boring and tedious to be called these now powerless names for reporting facts.

This is the same data in the hands of the people you voted into power and who laughed and joked about extending their tyrannical powers.


For the purpose of this post I refer and compare table 2 on page 13 and tables 4 on page 15.

Table 2:

Table 2

Table 4

Table 4

Table 2 shows infection during weeks 38 to 41 and table 4 shows deaths between the same period.

As many have been saying all along this is not a young persons killer but rather still and always has been a predominantly over 60’s, but more weighted to over 80’s killer, just like yearly season flu.

For under 18’s in this period it shows 3013 rates of infection for unvaxed children. Now look at table 4. It shows 0, zero, nada, nil deaths for the age group.

This is the same for everyone upto 40 years old.

From 40 onwards it becomes very interesting indeed.

The numbers of Double vaxed out way the unvaxed so called unclean, super spreaders.

The 40 to 60 year olds double vaxed being 2 x as likely to be infected than unvaxed.

This data blows out of the water the “Must vax the youth” regime and that the unvaxed are the cause of transmission, when the double vaxed are 2 x more likely to be the spreaders.

In other press reports, it was shown that the UK has tested its people more than 321 million times to only find 8 million positive tests, 0.25%, over the nearly 2 year period. Of that 0.25% only 150,000 poor souls lost their battle but as we see most of those were in their 80’s and probably had other contributory issues leading to their demise.

I reminded myself of a saying I used to hear a lot when growing up, “If you go looking for trouble you will find it”.

I truly believe for reasons we are starting to become aware of , that this Kakistocracy, great word and look it up, are creating the problem to offer a solution none of us want, voted for or need.

We the people have to take back our lives, freedoms and rid ourselves of this useful idiots in seats of power to start repairing the damage that have allowed happen to our once Great Nation.

I urge you to give you vote to an independent that aligns with your world view rather than the Lib Lab Con we have suffered with for the last few decades.

Please share and discuss amongst your friends to start making change in our favour happen.

I wish you well.

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