RIP Sir David Amess – but the questions have to be asked.

Before I explain the title of this post I wish to pass on my condolences to the family and friends of Sir David Amess who was killed by a Islamic 25 year old terrorist 15/10/2021.

Sir David’s killing brings up tough questions that need asking, answering and solutions found to make our country safe again.

Our Government have since at least the time of Blair have been welcoming these people from around the world giving no damn for the destruction of our own civilisation and culture.

We the host nation have had to pander and curtail to the whims of these people, even after the many times they have shown their hatred for us in raping our children and killing our peoples including our Members of Parliament.

When are we going to have the conversation that has to happen and demand that the open borders, welcome all who can get there with open arms and our wallets this and other Governments have encouraged, be halted and a full audit of those here in our country taken to see who is living next door to us.

This is a full National Security issue which is fundamentally the first care of every member of Government. To secure our borders and admit no one who has our demise in their hearts.

I will go further and say that this current shower of a Government and previous have failed in their duties and should be ushered out of office, being replaced by vetted and voted for replacements.

Call me any names you wish, they was off me like water of a ducks back, but something tough and instant needs to happen to stop this influx of terrorist’s and start to secure our country from these evil doers who wish our demise.

To do nothing means more people will be killed and at what number will something be done?

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