Sadiq Khan – The god of division!!!

Actions speak louder than words and currently, 15/10/2021, Sadiq Khan the Mayor of London is allowing a Hindu festival of Diwali to go ahead in Trafalgar square but canceling NYE Night fireworks, favoring one sector of society over the rest, the god of division.

If this does not show that this jihadi solicitor is on mission to destroy our countries culture then I do not know what will.

His actions are blatantly open with regards to his hatred of all this western, that he and his ilk suck on the teat that sustains them whilst at the same time biting the hand that feeds him. Taqiyya in plain sight.

I for one have had enough of this man and his backers, including the Labour party who cloak him in cotton wool.

But unfortunately due to the growing demographic change in London which favours this evil tyrant & is encouraged by the Conservatives, we will be stuck with his hatred for some time to come.

Enough is Enough and it is time for real change.

We as a people need to back the smaller parties or better still, the smaller parties need to put aside their personal ego’s and becoming one party to politically attack and win elections both local and national to rid ourselves of this out of control one party state.

Reform UK

The Reclaim Party

The Heritage Party

There are more independent UK supporting parties, but these are the three I can get behind but again, I wish they would come together to fight as one, as we all should, to rid ourselves of all these tyrants that have unleashed themselves on our great country.

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