If you do as your told your a Domestic Terrorist!!!

So now the latest weez by the managers of the global medial takeover group, is if you do the very thing they say you should, ie Leave or be fired from your job because you will not take the state mandated injectable, then YOU are a DOMESTIC TERRORIST.

Seriously this is the level of double think these psychopaths in charge are coming up with now.

Using the “Shame Tactic” because they have shown all who see, that the number of people who are NOT vaccinated and are holding on to their right NOT to be, are far greater than they have been saying & in leaving their employment in both the public and private sectors, leaves the businesses or orgs un workable and basically shut down.

Did not think that through did they…..

If you still think this covid thing is about a global medial catastrophe then you need to give your head a wobble.

Thankfully many people every day are waking up to this nonsense & I hope somewhere someone is recording the true historical events of this insane period of human existence so that we and future generations never let it happen again.

I will not hold my breath on that being so…..

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