NHS cant cope …. AGAIN!!!

NHS fails to cope AGAIN

Yet again the NHS says it will not cope for the yearly flu season.

That will be 10 years, every year, that the NHS management bleats that it can not cope with something that happens EVERY YEAR like clock work.

Obviously the NHS management can not plan for seasonal flu, something that have decades of data to prepare for and as such should be sacked and replaced with people with a proven situation management pedigree, rather than UNI degrees or being part of an old pals network.

NHS fails to cope AGAIN
NHS fails to cope AGAIN

The NHS were given a blank cheque during 2020 to “cope” with the covid outbreak and now wants more money to “cope” with the seasonal 2021 flu.

I’m sorry but the beast has turned into a cash cow for the big pharma and one a management level is completely inept of delivering a value for money health service that you and I are paying for and rely on.

Time to sack everyone from middle management upwards and put fully vetted and those with a proven track record of efficient management that gets results.

It is time for the hard working Doctors and Nurses at the coal face as it were to start standing up to the NHS management because if not then this can not cope message will be repeated for the next 10 years at least.

Enough Is Enough.

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