Vintage Ektar 100 roll developed.

As part of the service I offer via my Vintage Film website, I fully test all Canon “A” series bodies refurbish, with a fully shot roll of film and develop it to give to the new owner as proof of function.

This gives me a great chance to buy old film stock, some very old, to see how they hold up years and even decades after their use by date.

In this case I changed the light seals on a AV-1 and used a roll of Kodak Ektar 100 from 1994.

It was a special offer 12 exposure roll and inside the box was the envelope to send back to Kodak to get your pictures printed.

Snapped around my garden which is still in bloom, just, and have developed the film.

Glad to say the light seals are working fine and a full post on my Vintage Film website will be made over the coming weekend once I have digitized this and other films.

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