The fuel crisis that isn’t!

What a mess you have all got yourselves into.

Midnight queues at fuel forecourts to hopefully get fuel when the tanker fills at 6am and only if the attendant opens his station, all because THERE IS NO FUEL SHORTAGE.

Fuel hysteria whipped up by the news you consume, winding you up and laughing at your response, suckers…..

We can see now why it was so easy for the Gov to enslave you in masks and take an experimental vaccine, that does not work, if your going to behave this stupid over a crisis that is not real.

You are your own worst enemy, retarded, idiotic and obviously ousted yourselves as low IQ.

So now is the time to regain whatever sanity you had before this lunacy and stop sitting in lines of traffic at 4am in your pajamas queuing for fuel that IS NOT IN SHORT SUPPLY!!!

For the love of god wake up.

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